minipacmanarcademachine| Oil and gas prices fluctuate and fall, coal market sentiment is strong: short-and medium-term price outlook

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Oil and gas prices experience fluctuationsminipacmanarcademachine, coal prices fluctuated; insufficient demand and geopolitical impacts on oil prices weakened and fluctuated in the short term. Coal market released due to marginal factorsminipacmanarcademachinePrices are expected to rise. Natural gas prices in Europe may undergo adjustments, and the U.S. natural gas market is prone to rise but not fall.

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[Attention from investors in the secondary market: Oil and gas prices have rebounded sharply, and coal prices have experienced a period of shocks] As various developments in the oil and gas market continue to surface, investors have maintained a high degree of attention to the fluctuations in the energy market.

In the nearly week after oil prices have experienced turmoil, crude oil prices have rebounded despite pressure from the central bank to tighten policies. The weak demand in the summer has not had a sustained negative impact on oil prices. The weakening of the North Sea physical market has led to a downward trend in oil prices. However, the increased stability of conflicts in the Middle East and continued attention to geopolitical issues have jointly supported the stability of oil prices.

The sentiment in the coal market is improving. At the same time, the purchase price in the coal market has continued to increase, which has had a positive effect on the market. Despite certain restrictions on the supply side, the overseas coal market has shown a stable trend. Domestic coal prices are affected by marginal factors, and the upward trend is obvious, especially the phased improvement in non-electricity demand and the release of some replenishment demand.

Natural gas prices fluctuate significantly. Natural gas prices have shown a broad upward trend after Austria announced that it may face the news that Russian pipeline gas supply will be cut off. Brunei's decline in exports and increasing supply risks have provided new impetus for the rebound in gas prices.

In the short and medium term market outlook, driven by the early arrival of the peak season and fundamental support, coal and natural gas prices have remained relatively strong. In terms of crude oil prices, although they remain weak and volatile in the short term, the arrival of the peak season has provided a certain degree of support for the market. For coal prices, despite the possibility of an increase, investors still need to carefully consider multiple factors such as hydropower, high import volumes and expectations of supply recovery.

minipacmanarcademachine| Oil and gas prices fluctuate and fall, coal market sentiment is strong: short-and medium-term price outlook

Uncertainty about natural gas prices The European natural gas market may face a situation of taking back risk premiums, and a fall in sentiment may lead to a correction in gas prices. However, multiple factors such as infrastructure damage and expected increases in summer temperatures have provided certain support for natural gas prices, making it difficult for natural gas prices to fall significantly in the short term.

The stability of the U.S. natural gas market In the United States, natural gas prices tend to rise but not fall. Due to pipeline restrictions and the reduction in the number of active drilling rigs, the tightening of the supply side has kept natural gas prices relatively stable. The impact of extreme weather events and the risk of installation accidents have also added uncertainty to the natural gas market, but as temperatures rise moderately, demand for gas and electricity consumption will provide support for natural gas prices.

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