looto4d| How to change gearbox oil? Replacement process and precautions

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The replacement of gearbox oil is an important part of car maintenance. For Nissan Trent owners, understanding how to correctly replace gearbox oil can not only extend the service life of the gearbox, but also ensure the smoothness and safety of the vehicle. The following is the detailed process and precautions for replacing transmission oil for Nissan Trent.


Before starting to replace transmission oil, the following tools and materials need to be prepared:

Gearbox oil leak disc wrench oil filter replacement tool cleaning cloth for Trent models

Replacement process:

1looto4d. First, park the vehicle on flat ground and make sure the engine is cooled.

looto4d| How to change gearbox oil? Replacement process and precautions

2. Use a jack to lift the vehicle and place it firmly on the support to ensure safety.

3. Find the oil drain screw on the transmission oil pan, place the oil drain disk underneath, and unscrew the oil drain screw to let the old oil flow out completely.

4. After the old oil completely flows out, tighten the oil drain screws.

5. Open the transmission oil pan, take out the old oil filter, and wipe the inside of the oil pan with a cleaning cloth.

6. Install a new oil filter and ensure that the sealing rings are intact.

7. Reinstall the transmission oil pan and tighten the screws.

8. Open the transmission oil filler port and use a funnel to add appropriate amount of new transmission oil until the oil level reaches the standard line.

9. Start the engine, circulate the transmission oil, check whether the oil level is appropriate, and adjust if necessary.

10. Finally, check the transmission oil pan and drain screws for leaks, make sure everything is normal, and then lower the vehicle from the bracket.


1. When replacing transmission oil, use oil that conforms to the recommendations of the vehicle manual.

2. During operation, ensure that all parts are installed in place to avoid leaks caused by loosening.

3. When replacing the oil filter, be careful not to let impurities enter the inside of the transmission.

4. When filling new oil, do not overdo it, so as not to affect the normal operation of the transmission.

5. After the replacement is completed, conduct a test run for a period of time to observe the working status of the gearbox to ensure that there are no abnormalities.

Through the above steps, Nissan Trent owners can complete the replacement of transmission oil by themselves, which not only saves maintenance costs, but also deepens their understanding of the car. Regular replacement of transmission oil is an important measure to ensure vehicle performance and safety.

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