powerballprizemoney| The Lanzhou Marathon comes to an end, and technical service provider Keep improves the event operation service landscape

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May 26powerballprizemoney, one of the most influential marathon events in northwest China, the Lanzhou Marathon fired a gun. 40,000 runners from 22 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, and 34 provincial administrative regions across the country gathered in Jincheng to start running passionately.

The Sports Technology Platform cooperates with Lanzhou Marathon as a technical service provider. It is understood that Keep has helped offline marathon competitions through technological services realize the full visualization of the online team formation and leading status of official pace runners for the first time, which has greatly improved the participants. The follow-up experience helps runners refresh their PB.

Empowering professional sports groups and professional events is one of Keep's key starting points in developing its outdoor business. According to Keep's official disclosure, Keep will add 100,000 + professional marathon runners in 2023. In the highest event in 2023, the proportion of offline users using Keep to complete the race will reach 25%, and the proportion of runners who break the third can be as high as 30%. In 2024, Keep will continue to expand the scale of marathon cooperation and serve more than 150 events across the country. Previously, Keep has reached cooperation with many top marathon events such as Wuhan Marathon and Chengdu Marathon.

At present, Keep has formed a complete pre-match, intra-match and post-match service system in marathon cooperation, providing one-stop services for runners. Before the game, Keep provides runners with training plans and customized schedules. During the game, Keep provides official road guides, official teams, and realizes real-time synchronization and interconnection of running data. After the game, it provides real-time list rankings and personal achievement unlocking and growth records. In addition, Keep has official joint online racing rights, allowing more people to participate in marathon sports anytime and anywhere.

As a leading sports technology company in China, adding more outdoor sports layout and covering all sports scenes is Keep's current new direction and new goal. In order to achieve this new goal, Keep is working together in ecological creation and event operation.

powerballprizemoney| The Lanzhou Marathon comes to an end, and technical service provider Keep improves the event operation service landscape

In the field of ecological creation, Keep 8powerballprizemoney.0 can now support more than 60 sports category records and more than 50 third-party device connections, aiming to promote a more open and comprehensive sports ecosystem through data connectivitypowerballprizemoney; In terms of event operations, Keep takes serving professional marathons as a breakthrough point, empowering more than 150 marathon events across the country with technology, creating a one-stop horse racing solution, and providing users with services including race preparation training plans, official route books, and official rabbit team interaction, real-time ranking, online co-branded challenges and other services.

Keep co-founder Peng Wei mentioned that Keep 8powerballprizemoney.0 has covered more than 100,000 running routes in more than 300 cities across the country. This year, it is planned to expand this data to 5 million through AIGC, which will bring users a better sports experience and enhance professional event service capabilities.

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